Communication with Parents

At the beginning of the year, all teachers will conduct a Parent Information Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for teachers to share classroom policies and procedures and to explain how parents/carers can best support their child’s learning program. Teachers will inform parents/caregivers of the time for this meeting.

Please note: these meetings are not for individual interviews. Individual Parent/Teacher interviews can be arranged via a note to the teacher or phone message via the school office.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents/caregivers are requested to make appointments for interviews with their child’s teacher. This allows time for the teacher to gather information relevant to the discussion. It is important for teachers to be kept informed of circumstances that may have an impact on a child’s learning on any given day. In this case parents/caregivers are requested to provide the teacher with the necessary information. Parents/caregivers are requested that unless otherwise arranged with the teacher, the time before school is generally a very busy time for teachers and not appropriate for unannounced interviews.


Each year students receive mid-year and end of year reports. A state-wide reporting policy is used and redeveloped over time. These will be sent out via ‘Connect’ on the last Wednesday of Term Two and Term Four.