School Hours & Attendance

School Hours

School starts at 8.50am
Recess: 10.24am to 10.49am
Lunch: 12.37pm to 1.12pm
School finishes: 3.00pm

School gates are opened at 8.30am before school commences. In the afternoon gates are open at 2.50pm and closed at 3.15pm. Students who are not collected will be taken to the office. 

Late Arrivals

If a student arrives at school after the morning siren at 8.50am, they must report to the Front Office and will receive a ‘Late Pass’ to take to their teacher.

Early Departure from school

If you need to take your child out of school during school hours for reasons such as illness or appointments etc., parents/caregivers are requested to report to the school office for an Early Departure Slip, which you then hand to your child’s teacher in order to collect your child. This system has been successfully developed to ensure safety of all children and also assist in directing parents to the location of the class group within the school. (As stated previously, the form must be completed at the time you are taking your child from school.)


Parents/caregivers should ring the school or send an absentee note through the Connect website to report their child or children absent. On the day following an absence from school, Department of Education and Training regulations require a written explanation from the child’s parent/carer.

These notes are retained and must coincide with absences marked on the class roll. The teacher will follow up all unexplained absences. Any continual unexplained absences will be referred to the school Administration. Permission to leave the school grounds will not be granted unless parent/caregiver advice has been received.

Parents/caregivers are requested to complete and have signed a “Student Leave Pass”, if they need to take their child out of school during the course of the school day. Only parents/caregivers and emergency contacts listed on the school records are permitted to take children from the school grounds during school hours.

Please note that for security reasons, this must be done at the time you are taking your child from school.

Holidays outside of term dates

Permission must be sought from the Principal, before students take time off for holidays during the school terms.

Emergency Details

In the case of an emergency, please notify the school on 9234 6700 so that suitable arrangements can be made for your child. No child will be allowed to leave the school unaccompanied or with a person other than their parent/caregiver unless written permission has been provided to the school.

Please ensure that your phone numbers (including mobile phone) and the phone numbers of
emergency contacts are always kept up to date as they will be used in the case of an emergency,
accident or sickness at school.