All schools have uniforms which students are required to wear. The dress requirements are developed by the school council in consultation with students, parents/carers and staff. They take into consideration the climate, diversity of students and the range of activities students undertake. Denim clothing is not allowed as part of any school uniform.

The school colours are a bottle green bottom and a white polo shirt. Kindy and Preprimary students have a bottle green polo shirt – this is to ensure that they are easily recognised and for ease of cleaning with young children involved in painting activities. Our Uniform Shop is managed by the P&C, and all items are kept at a minimum cost to provide quality and savings for parents.

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Our uniforms are managed by Eclipse Universal. 
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Faction Colours

Students are placed in one of the following factions:

Banksia – Red Hovea – Blue Zamia – Green Acacia – Gold

Children are allocated to factions in a manner so as to keep the numbers as even as possible. All siblings will be put into the same faction.

Dress Code Policy

All students are encouraged to wear the school uniform at all times. Items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop located in the Community Building where a sample of the school uniform is on display and also in the school office. The Uniform Shop is operated by ‘Eclipse’ and is open once a week, with the opening time to be advised in the school newsletter and school app.

Faction shirts are available and it is recommended that these be worn on sports days

Parents/caregivers are asked to think about safety when selecting school appropriate footwear. For a variety of safety reasons, thongs and high-heeled shoes are not permitted.

Hat Policy

All children are required to have a sun-safe hat for all outside activities. If a child does not have a hat, he or she will be sent to the undercover area to sit in the shade. “No Hat, No Play”.
School caps are available from the School Office or Uniform Shop.

Drink bottle

All children should have a drink bottle to use at physical education and sports sessions.

The brain needs to be properly hydrated in order to be alert. Children who do not get enough water may appear bored, listless and drowsy. Researchers recommend that we drink plenty of water each day. Therefore; we ask parents to provide a water bottle for their child each day clearly labelled with the child’s name. This bottle must contain water only and may be kept in the classroom so it is easily accessible to your child throughout the day. The body identifies fruit juice as a food because of the sugar content. The body triggers the digestive process, which also drains water from the body. Only water provides proper hydration.

Jewellery, Make-up and Nail Polish

For the sake of the children’s safety, jewellery should not be worn to school (except for watches and ear studs). Students are not permitted to wear Make-up or Nail Polish.