Science Planning Sheets

The History planners below contain extracts from the Australian Curriculum and is current as at September 2012. ACARA neither endorses nor verifies the accuracy of the information provided and accepts no responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information.

In particular, ACARA does not endorse or verify that:
The content descriptions are solely for a particular year and subject;
All the content descriptions for that year and subject have been used; and The author’s material aligns with the Australian Curriculum content descriptions for the relevant year and subject.

You can find the unaltered and most up to date version of this material at

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Science Foundation 690kb
Science Year 1 690kb
Science Year 2 690kb
Science Year 3 690kb
Science Year 4 690kb
Science Year 5 690kb
Science Year 6 690kb

General Work Sheet 109kb


Created by Sharon Ritchie - September 2011.
Copyright 2011.