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Mental Calculation Strategies


Mental Calculation Strategies

Module 1

In this module, you will see a micro lesson conducted with a group of year 5 and 6 students. The children are asked to solve calculations and explain the strategies they used to solve them. They are encouraged to discuss many different ways of solving one problem. You will see how the teacher allows the students to develop skills in choosing appropriate procedures, carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently and appropriately, and recalling factual knowledge and concepts readily (as described in the Australian Curriculum Proficiency Strand of Fluency)

This is done in the context of the “How Did You Do It ?” Strategy as outlined in First Steps in Mathematics: Calculate Key Understanding 5. There are supporting notes to describe the mental strategies and also information on teaching basic facts in the Background Notes of this text. A link to this reference can be found on the final page of this powerpoint presentation.

Calculation skills are developed progressively over years Foundation to Year 7
Their are a range of Content Descriptors that can be addressed by implementing the
"How did you do it?" Strategy

Introduction and Part 1




Part 2



Part 3

Click in the link below to access the supporting First Steps in Maths (Calculate) documents.

How did you do it Resources

Download Mental Calculations 1

Download Mental Calculations 2

Please refer to Key Understanding 5 (p132) and the Background Notes (p189)

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