Welcome to Huntingdale
Primary School

Huntingdale Primary School is located on Matilda Street, Huntingdale in the City of Gosnells which is approximately
16 kms south east of the General Post Office in Perth,
Western Australia. Established in the mid 1970's, the suburb of Huntingdale has recently had further residential sub-divisions added to, what is now, a well established suburb. Being the one school in the suburb has resulted in a true sense of 'community' developing within the school. The school is also a focal point within the local community.

A Teacher Development School -
Mathematics 2012-2015 Read More
A Teacher Development School -
Transition 2014 - 2015 Read More

A Teacher Development School English - Connected to Integrated Approaches 2016 - 2017
More details coming soon on this site!

Dear Families,
You can now link onto the Hutingdale App and yes it is free.

This will mean that you will have a growing bank of information at your fingertips on smart phone or tablet…yes all kinds of tablets and phones too.

The app developed by Skoolbag will deliver the weekly school newsletter and provide “Alerts” to remind you of coming events or indicate if we have a circumstance that requires us to notify families instantly, such as cancelling Sports Day due to bad weather.

We will building up information from canteen menu, to uniform order forms right through to handy hints to support children’s learning.

Simply look to the Skoolbag item on this front page to see how you can connect for free!

Edd Black